Company Profile

Life Therm, besides its 10 years of experience, started its business life in 2015 with the export of PPRC pipes and fittings. Afterwards, the company started to present its products by increasing the product range day by day, with the name of its own brand.We are giving priority to customer satisfaction, expanding our own product range by adding stainless PPR pipes, white pieces, flex hose, battery-faucet and stainless valves.With our acknowledged and experienced Research&Development and Marketing team members, we are constantly growing and developing to be one of the well entrenched companies in the industry.Considering the quality as the most basic right of its customers, with TSE, TS EN, TSO, GHOST, SEPRO and ISO 9001 quality certificates, our company presents many technical products used in construction industries like natural gas, drinking water and heating.By actively applying total quality management, strategy management and change management techniques, our company develops its products and services, updated to the conditions of the day.Kayalar Group continues to pursue the change and quality by creating an effective and productive work environment with teamwork and costantly improves its processes with participatory management approach with scientific methods and forms.The company is processing to be one of the most admired companies in the industry thanks to its approaches developed by marketing, customer service and customer-oriented implementation.Our company aims to provide the fastest and the most accurate service to the customers, with its expert marketing team members who are working to produce new approaches and services in terms of communnication with customers, the sensitivity of customer expectancy and the pre-sales and after-sales services. Successfully representing our country in abroad, Life Therm gained a great momentum in exportation activities and carried out its name to approximately 50 countries with its inland experiences in quality approach and customer-oriented marketing process.