1″ – 1″ Extensible Hose F/F

LFT1865 10-20cm Extensible Hose
LFT1866 20-40cm Extensible Hose
LFT1867 30-60cm Extensible Hose
LFT1868 50-100cm Extensible Hose
LFT1869 75-150cm Extensible Hose
LFT1870 100-200cm Extensible Hose


Product Description

1″ – 1″ Extensible Hose F/F

Tube: austenitic stainless steel, thickness ≥ 0.21 mm.

Male fitting: stainless steel AISI 303, UNI EN 10226-1 thread.

Fitting for swivel nut: stainless steel AISI 303 with fl at sealing seat.

Nut: nickel-plated brass CW619N with UNI ISO 228/1 thread.

Treatment: subjected to annealing heat treatment after welding of the end fittings.

Note: Lifetherm FLEX, as manufacturer, is able to supply special versions of the products listed below.